Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hampr?

Hampr provides a set of digital workflow tools to help manage food purchases for the office, as well as a marketplace where you can find quality and reliable vendors that will always make you feel like a star!

Whether it's catering, fruit, milk or other office supplies, we've got it covered. We partner with (some pretty awesome) vendors to help rid your office of the bland and boring options, and make sure everyone in the office is satisfied.

Whether you're organising lunch for 10 people, a new snack plan for the office, or an event for 400; Hampr will help you stay on top of everything and bring you back that much needed time in your day.

How does Hampr work?

It's simple, just create an account and you're ready to go! As you place orders through the platform, you will notice that we've made it easier every step of the way. We help you get through all the frustrating parts of managing food – quotes, invoices and dietary preferences are just the start. We can even recommend custom menus to meet your needs. The more you use Hampr, the easier it gets – our platform starts to take care of more and more – leaving you to do less and less!

How do you select the vendors you work with?

We work with a wide array of top caterers; independent chefs; cafes; event specialists; and restaurants. We rely heavily on your feedback to ensure that our partners are always of a very high quality. If you have a vendor you'd like to see added to our network, let us know by giving us a call or emailing us at