Hampr's Supplier Best Practices Questionnaire (COVID19)

March 10 1 min read

At Hampr, we have taken extra precautions by working with our partners to treat the recent Coronavirus (COVID19) threat seriously, by taking decisive steps to ensure and promote enhanced practices and procedures around operational health, safety and hygiene:

1. Staff members who have returned from a high-risk jurisdiction in the past 4 weeks have been stopped from returning to work within their first 14 days after their return.
2. Staff members who are returning from a high-risk jurisdictions in the future will be stopped from coming to work for 14 days from their return.
3. Staff members who have been exposed to confirmed or suspected Coronavirus cases will be stopped from coming to work for 14 days.
4. You are employing all usual measures as per the food safety standards of your State/Territory?
5. You are actively monitoring the health of your kitchen staff and in case they fall sick, you are not permitting them to stay at work.
6. You require sick staff members to provide a medical certificate outlining that they are safe to return to work before allowing them to return to work?
7. You are requiring your kitchen staff to wash their hands regularly using workplace provided handwashing facilities and soap/hand sanitiser.
8. You are requiring drivers to wash hands prior to entering your kitchen.
9. You are requiring drivers to sanitise their hands prior to picking up product or are requiring them to wear gloves

At Hampr, we are confident that our food partners implement best practice measures, and we think it is important that we share this information with you to give confidence for you to continue order catering.

Please contact Hampr directly on 1300 367 809 for any further information, or alternatively email us at contact@hampr.com.au.

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