Driverless Cars are coming to a road near you

February 05 1 min read

Yes, the rumours are true and for better or worse — the ‘sci-fi’ inspired driverless cars are coming.

In recent years many companies have started testing and developing driverless cars including Google, Tesla and BMW. The sad truth is that almost 1.3 million people die every year due to road fatalities and that number isn’t getting any smaller. Human error is largely to blame and the new technology hopes to more than half road fatalities.

To avoid crashes, collisions and keep the car on course driverless cars are covered with sensors, which when inputted into the central computer let the car ‘see’ where it’s going. Self driving cars also monitor the position of nearby vehicles and objects and of course have an advanced navigation system.

Check out the video below and take a virtual drive in a driverless car!

Estimates of when driverless car’s will be available in Australia are varied, but most experts believe it will be one of the deepest disruptions in transportation history. It is believed that between the years of 2020–2030 driverless cars will begin to become the norm, and many advanced countries may start introducing driverless car lanes.

Of course a huge technological change of this magnitude isn’t without any losers. Driverless cars will make insurance premiums fall with the reduced likelihood in crashes, taxi drivers will be further disrupted and mechanics may not be as busy. However, hospital emergency rooms will be less filled with fatalities, there would be less police needed to breathalyse and most importantly, people would gain hours in the day and be safer.

There is definitely a disruption coming, for the better or the worse? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment or sending us an email to

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