5 useful tips to cure 'Mondayitis'

November 12 2 min read

Getting up to go to work on a Monday morning isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. Here are a few ways you can take control of your day and give yourself a great start to the week:

Prepare for Monday on a Friday

Monday’s always feel the worst when you need to make a start on a new overwhelming task. For example, its Friday and I know I have a number of people to call in the morning next week. I would always note down all the people I need to call, including their contact numbers and the reason for my call. I might leave the list on a post-it on my desk so that way i don’t have to deal with thinking about how I am going to get started when Monday morning rolls around.

Preparing for Monday on the prior Friday can give you the feeling that you’re off to a organised and controlled start to the week, before you even step foot into the office!

Start with a task on your agenda

Every morning it is important to start something that is on your own agenda. This will make your morning a whole lot more bearable. I always like to organise myself (and my colleagues) a nice morning tea to set the week straight before I sit at my desk to start the work day.

Not only do you feel a lot better about your week, you’re also not thinking about one of those pesky tasks that has to be done but seems pointless. By doing something that is on your own agenda instead, it will help make you feel you’ve accomplished a valuable objective.

Put your favourite music on

Monday mornings can be very dull especially when you are walking into the same old office, greeting the same people and attending to the same tasks. Change it up by playing some music at your desk (or in the office). Music is a natural stimulant that will help increase your mood on a Monday morning, and will help get you into a positive mindset — Not only are you helping yourself, you’re probably helping your colleagues too!

Every morning at the Hampr office, each one of us gets control of the music every day on a rotating basis. This way we are all empowered to set the tone for the day, and believe it or not, we work harder too!

Exercise before work

There is no better way to start your Monday (let alone the week), than to go for a morning run or have a quick session at your local gym. Give your body a big shot of endorphins with a burst of exercise before work. Not only will you feel energised throughout the rest of the day, but you will naturally feel great about yourself. The best thing is that you’ve gotten all your exercise out of the way before you even start work!

Get enough sleep!

It is important to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night, especially on the Sunday night before you need to go to work. Try and create a sleep routine that works for you, and being especially strict on Sunday nights. A consistant sleeping routine will heal your mind and wellbeing. You will wake up a lot more refreshed and energised, giving you all the tools to smash your day!

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