4 ways to celebrate St Patricks Day in the office

March 02 2 min read

St Patricks Day is definitely one of our favourite events throughout the year simply because its more of a casual event that everyone can get in on! You can generally be as imaginative and creative as you want with the theme and decoration. I did a little research and found so many great idea's that I felt would be silly not to let you know.
Below are 4 ways you can celebrate St Patricks Day in your office and entertain your staff with some fun that won't break the bank:

Decorate your office:

- Take a quick trip to your local costume/dollar store and buy enough streamers, hats, signs, stickers and props to help create some hype around the event. Perhaps get some of the staff a small budget and have them involved in buying some of the decorations.

- Decorate your main lobby area and break rooms by placing green themed props everywhere. It's a great way to show clients and visitors that you have an amazing work culture and everybody loves working there.

Office Music:

- Find a cool playlist that streams traditional Irish folk music, or get a few staff together to create a playlist that everyone in the office will enjoy. Even better, if someone in the office is willing to play the flute or the fiddle would be a great way to showcase hidden talents!


- Everyone loves food, and as you know, that's our bread and butter. A potluck (or should we say a pot o' luck?) for a team lunch is bound to awesome. Alternatively, another great way to celebrate is to get some traditional Irish cuisine like hearty stews, corned beef; or even get little St Patricks day themed sweets/cakes.

- Create a little lunch fundraiser where you can collect a gold coin donation from your staff to a charity of your choice. This is great for creating and promoting a 'we care & give back' culture in your workplace.

Entertainment & Games:

- Encourage all staff to dress up and give a prize to the person or team with a 'best dressed' award.

- Create a simple photo-booth in your break-out area with a number of different props like sunglasses, hats, clothes and signs. If you're company is into social media, then you can also have everyone take photos with a company hashtag to share to the world.

- Get someone into the office to teach everyone how to Irish dance (or learn one online) and have an office dance-off! Reward winners with a pot o' gold full of chocolate coins!

Well, I hope this has helped give you a few idea's on how you can celebrate St Patricks Day in your office without spending your entire monthly budget. Remember to always engage your employees with fun and exciting events, which ultimately makes going to work not so bad after all!

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