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About Wellness by Dr Zeltser

Here's a way to beat those Energy Slumps! Developed for taste, but also for function, providing energy that is long-lasting, and added benefits that will keep you sharp for the rest of the day. Each truffle contains min. 2% active plant ingredients which can help reduce anxiety, improve focus, promote a sustained release of energy, and/or improve mood for general physiological balance. Vegan, Gluten Free, No sugar added, Natural ingredients only. Minimally processed. Read more about us here: Originally established as a Wellness Consulting Firm, Wellness by Dr Zeltser specialises in short, easy-to-implement mindfulness techniques having an office environment in mind, especially to combat those energy slumps. In line with our client’s needs, we have developed a new snack, which satisfies sweet cravings, yet still is Dr Zeltser (our founder) approved, being nutritionally on point, as well as addressing anxiety, mood, focus, and overall performance.


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