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Online & F2F Yoga Classes

by Yoga Flowith Jo

Live Streaming

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Health & Wellbeing

45 Minutes

Up to 250

From $20


Driven by a purpose greater than ourselves and dedicated to the wellness industry. Caring for ourselves, others, and our planet so future generations may thrive in this amazing place. Leading lives that harmonize responsibilities, relationships, recreation, and rest. Remembering to have fun and taking actions to create and sustain happiness.

From Vinyasa to Restorative and Yin, explore the various styles of yoga with you and your crew. Learn from a teacher that can guide you from newcomer to a regular, at home, office or on the go!

Work up a sweat with an advanced vinyasa flow, or brush up on the basics in our accessible beginners classes.

Whatever your level of experience, life stage, and aspirations— from prenatal strength, to mid-workday calm— I’ll be able to help create various practices that’s tailored to you either Virtual or through mobile yoga services- You name the place, I’ll be there

Duration: 45 minutes
Group Size: Can accommodate up to 250 people in one event.
In-person classes also available. Please Inquire!

What You'll Need:

Participants need a device to access the video conferencing software (Zoom, Teams, Google Hangouts etc.)
Yoga Mat
Yoga Block (Advisable option)

How It Works:

Step 1: Submit a quote using the form on this page. We'll help you identify the best options that meet your needs.
Step 2: Confirm a package and a date/time you'd like to commence this session.
Step 3: Have fun! 


Do I have to be part of a team or can I do this on my own?
This is a team event. Practitioners of a minimum of 5.

How long does the activity go for?
Allow 45 minutes for this event.

How much does the app cost and where can I download it?
The app is free to download and is available on both Google Play Store and Apple Store. 

Do I need experience?
All is welcome and everyone practices to their own abilities. You are the expert of your own body and wellness and will know what is suitable and accessible for your body. No yoga poses are strict for you to look exactly like the instructor - I am here as a guide and you’re free to do you! Even skipping a pose is fine and taking a rest in Childs pose.


Pricing are based as per person with a minimum of 5 practitioners and no maximum:

Single Class $20
5 x class pack $85 (6 month expiry)
10 x class pack $150 (6 month expiry)
3 x class pack $30 (21 days expiry)

Memberships (Recurring auto payment):

10 x Classes Monthly $89
20 x Classes Monthly $139

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