5 ways to show appreciation to your team!

February 05 2 min read

‘Great things are done by a series of small things brought together’- Vincent Van Gogh

Why is it even important to show appreciation of your team in the first place?

Well we’re glad you asked. Rewarding employees for their accomplishments goes a long way to creating a positive work culture. According to Psychology Today, when employees are rewarded and appreciated it has a direct correlation with an increase in self-esteem and satisfaction with their job — which is directly correlated with an increase in productivity!

These are our favourite ways to show appreciation for your team!

1. Praise

And we don’t mean any of those extravagant employee thank-you cards. A hand-written note or just some verbal praise about how much you appreciate your employee’s efforts, will not only make both parties feel good but also create a dialogue for future feedback.

2. 1 on 1 time.

This is a method that has worked wonders here at Hampr HQ, taking members of your team out for a coffee or lunch, 1 on 1. It is suggested that you approach the interaction by saying “hey lets get lunch and strictly not talk about work”. You can talk about family, a passion project or travel this is a great way not only to show your appreciation but build a deeper relationship and understanding with out team.

3. Be Flexible

There’s nothing that show’s how much you value your team more then giving them flexibility. It is surprisingly empowering for employees not to be micro-managed and sometimes letting them pick up their kids or take an extra few minutes in the gym can go along way too developing a positive work environment.

4. Gamification

Everyone’s got a little bit of competitive spirit inside them, gamification unleashes this in a productive yet rewarding way. You can gamify work through fun KPI’s or even give rewards for the weekly table tennis or mixed netball competition. Ideas for simple prizes include gift cards, free drinks and even lunch. Give it a try and watch as your work environment get’s more competitive, productive and fun!

5. Create a “thank you” thread

This is a method that has been trialled out in many startups and produced very promising results. Whatever your medium of communication — be it email, slack or facebook — create a thread dedicated to acknowledging people’s positive actions or showing gratitude for anyone’s contributions. Trust us on this one, it will soon become your companies most popular communication thread.

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