3 tools to transform your business into a digital workplace

October 14 2 min read

Whether your business is traditional based, brick and mortar or service based, you can always become more productive by implementing a digital workplace model. By having the right tools for productivity and collaboration, it will make all the difference to your business and the way you operate.

Productivity, collaboration, communication (internal and external), customer relationship management and support are the essential functions for almost every business, and utilising tools to supplement each of these pillars will not only automate, but really streamline a lot of traditional processes allowing you to become more proactive to focus on your business rather than in it.

Meetings and Communication:

Internal communication is vital in any business as its so important to keep everyone on the same page. We get so tied up in communications that most of the time we end up having meetings for the sake of meetings, and very often you’ll end up having meetings about meetings. Communication tools like ‘Zoom’ communications, is a free cloud based video calling tool that allows you to easily collaborate or communicate with internal and external stakeholders in the comfort of your office. The best thing about zoom is that it is entirely free for 1 on 1 meetings!

Document Storage:

Gone are the days that we store all of our information in manila folders behind the reception desk. With so much technology around us, it is very common to back up your data and store it within a cloud based server, such as Google Drive, Drop Box or Invitbox. These tools help you store all of your files and digital documents within a secure cloud based server, empowering you to give your colleagues or staff access to these files anywhere there is internet connection. This means saying goodbye to the stacks of paperwork on your desks, and clearing out all those shelves behind you!

Customer Support:

There are so many customer support specific tools out there that it can get so confusing which ones to use! Very reputable platforms like Zendesk is a tool that easily integrates with Google G-suite, and other various CRM tools like Hubspot & Salesforce. Customer support tools like Zendesk will help categorise and create a ticketing process, making it easy for you to handle specific customer queries, whilst letting the Zendesk tool to triage your important/urgent queries to be handled within a certain timeframe, ultimately keeping your customers happy all year round! It is a great way to collaborate and communicate with your direct customers, giving you that competitive edge.

Making a smooth transition into a digital workplace means being able to leverage scalable and reliable tools to effectively communicate, collaborate and support your employees and customers. These tools and ones alike can help your organisations’ workplace transform into a well oiled machine!

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