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'Mental Health' Lunch & Learn Series

by Cuppa of Life

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1 Hr Sessions

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In aid of Mental Health awareness month, Cuppa has curated 4 incredible sessions with some of the most passionate experts and personalities. 

Each interactive session is 60 minutes in length and will support your team in understanding their emotions, anxieties, insecurities & why connection is critical. 

4 x 60-minute masterclasses with 4 incredible experts who will provide your team with the relevant tools needed to look after their mental health. 

October 7th, 15th, 21st & 28th

What's Included

1. All 4 x Live Sessions (Live polls, chat room interaction and compelling content)

2. Replays for 30 days (Missed the live sessions? Get access to a replay for 30 days)

3. Takaway Documents (Sent after each session with appropriate links & collateral)

4. Marketing Assets (We supply everything you need to promote this to your team)

Add-on Packs Optional:

Wellbeing care pack (from $20 per person)

Diversity care pack (from $20 per person)

Sustainability care pack (from $20 per person)

What You'll Need

Just bring yourself, nothing else! 

How To Participate

Join a Video Call

After you book you'll receive marketing assets to appropriately promote this series to your teams. On the scheduled days, use Zoom to participate on your desktop or mobile device. 

About The Hosts

Jaemin Frazer - Tackling insecurity, Week 1 - 7th October 12pm (AEST)
Jaemin Frazer believes that insecurity is having an impact on business and affecting all areas of our lives. Yet if we don’t find a way to face this fear and overcome our insecurities, it will ruin our life and we will never reach our full potential. Rather than masking, medicating or managing your insecurities, Jaemin’s 7 essential practices teach you exactly how to overcome insecurity for good, so that you can show up at your best where it matters most, unhindered by self-doubt, fear and limiting beliefs. Is insecurity the thing you need to tackle to improve your mental health? This insightful masterclass will not only have you questioning things but will also provide you with the essential tools to move forward with clarity.

Sarah Wilson - Breaking down anxiety, Week 2 - 14th October 12pm (AEST)
Sarah Wilson is a New York Times bestselling author and entrepreneur. Her career as a journalist spanned 20 years, across television, radio, magazines, newspapers and online. In 2017 Sarah wrote a book called First, We Make The Beast Beautiful where she directs her intense focus and fierce investigatory skills onto this lifetime companion of hers, looking at the triggers and treatments, the fashions and fads. Sarah pulls at the thread of accepted definitions of anxiety, and unravels the notion that it is a difficult, dangerous disease that must be medicated into submission. Ultimately, she re-frames anxiety as a spiritual quest rather than a burdensome affliction, a state of yearning that will lead us closer to what really matters. During this session you will learn first hand what Anxiety is all about and the tools to manage through it.

Kamala Sarma - Conversations & Connections, Week 3 - 21st October 12pm (AEST)
In a world where we have never been more connected (Facebook, Instagram, email, slack, etc,), we have also never been more disconnected in our personal and professional relationships. In this masterclass, host Luke Cook and Kamal Sarma will share with you the tools and techniques required to strengthen our conversational muscles so we don't feel alone and isolated. Kamal has developed deep insight into organisations and people cultivated by his own unique background. Living in a monastery, he trained as a monk for 6 years before excelling in senior corporate positions. Now as the founder and director of Rezilium - a strategic leadership firm, Kamal delivers customised strategies and presentations for a range of industries around mental health, resilience and communication.

Mitch Wallis - Emotions & Vulnerability, Week 4 - 28th October 12pm (AEST)
Growing up in Sydney, Mitch Wallis lived a very “normal” and privileged life. His inside life wasn’t the perfect Instagram moment. Since the age of 7 years old, Mitch suffered a lifelong battle with debilitating anxiety, OCD, panic attacks, dissociation and depression, which has seen him contemplating taking his life. On May 30th 2017, Mitch shared a video on Facebook, describing his immense battles with mental health and the conflict he felt between living the "perfect" outside life on social media, whilst suffering beneath the surface. Within 1 week, the video reached over 1 million people and started a global movement he decided to call, Heart On My Sleeve, where people all around the world began drawing and tattooing hearts on their arms and sharing their story. Since then, Heart On My Sleeve has become a global social movement & service provider, empowering people to share stories of struggle and resilience so that we all feel understood. During this session, Mitch will help you and your team understand how to deal with your emotions through the sharing of his story and providing you with the tools needed to break through unwanted thoughts!

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