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February 05 1 min read

Google has taken out Fortune 100’s award for ‘Best company to work for’ 8 times in the last 11 years. Financial service companies like Boston Consulting, KPMG and PWC are also frequently featured near the top of the Australian list.

Google’s commitment to it’s employees has obviously paid dividends but how exactly are they maintaining their spot as the best company to work for, year on year?

The tech giant takes an innovative approach to maintaining employee well-being, constantly trying out new systems to make work enjoyable. The famous employee perks offered by google are thought to be a big contributor to employee satisfaction, we have listed our favourites.

· New Mothers get paid leave up to 22 weeks, with new fathers getting between 7 and 12 weeks of paid leave.

· Employees get free gourmet meals and snacks

· On-site gyms at google HQ

· Employees can bring their pets into work

· Laundry services

· On-site child care

· Google employees are encouraged to work on passion projects and teach co-workers new skills

· Video games, onsite swimming pools

· Nap pods

· Free haircuts

The HR boss at google, Lazlo Bock comments on the beauty of the google work environment in his book ‘Work Rules’. ‘What’s beautiful about this approach is that a great environment is a self-reinforcing one: All of these efforts support one another, and together create an organization that is creative, fun, hardworking, and highly productive.’

Googles employee culture is built on data. They are continuously testing ways to increase happiness and productivity. For example, the analytics team at google optimise the length of lunch lines, they have created them so they are 3–4 minutes, this is to facilitate social interaction but not waste too much time.

Big data is a big part of how google keeps its employee satisfaction so high. The company attracts 2.5 million applications a year or 5 applications per minute, it’s safe to say they are definitely doing something right.

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