The Halloween Office Party

October 08 2 min read

According to The Tylt, 56% of millennials support dressing up for Halloween at the office. In addition, 85% of millennials feel trick-or-treating knows no age limits. With such an enthusiastic endorsement, it’s not a surprise that this year’s office costume party will prove to be a festive occasion. How do you rock a killer costume and still maintain your professionalism?

Start by following these Halloween office party etiquette tips on what to avoid when wearing to your spooky apparel:

1) Politics

Politically themed ensembles are guaranteed to offend. Don’t ruin the revelry by wearing something that might start a heated debate. Keep in mind it’s still a workday, and you don’t want to run the risk of jeopardizing a business relationship by offending a client, coworker or your boss.

2) Religion

A pregnant nun costume may conform to your sense of humor, but the off-color comedy is not office appropriate. Religion is a personal and solemn topic and it’s important to be mindful of different cultures and religions. Poking fun of a sacred belief will come across as rude and distasteful.

3) Sex

Save the skimpy costumes for after work. The racier the costume, the less power you hold in the office. You do not want to be remembered as the person who showed up to work and was asked to change clothes mid-morning. Not to mention, your decision to wear a provocative costume will be forever captured in pictures and social media posts.

A few other tips to avoid at your Halloween office party:

Don’t overindulge. You may or may not be offered liquor, and the choice to partake is up to you. However, on company time you are still a representative of your company and should behave accordingly. It might be tempting to accept the offer of the multiple tequila shots but tomorrow’s conversation should not include your lack of self-control.

Don’t necessarily follow the leader. Although not typical, your boss may choose to dress or conduct themselves in a less than professional manner in the party atmosphere. It’s still in your best interest to remain dignified and keep your reputation intact.

Don’t post pictures on social media. Unless you have permission to share photos from both your employer and coworkers, keep your pictures offline.

Don’t wear a costume you can’t comfortably work in at the office. Full face masks and large, inflatable arms and legs are not office-friendly.

Don’t criticize anyone who chooses not to participate. There are several reasons for a peer not to join in the spooky fun, among them are religion, customs and personal preference. Be mindful and respectful.

Don’t complain about the food. If you want a vegan, sugar-free and completely organic menu, offer to bring a dish to share. If you have a severe allergy, don’t hesitate to let the party planner know in advance.

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