The 'In the Kitchen' series including Hampr's best catering & restaurant partners

November 05 4 min read

At Hampr, we always insist on partnering with the best catering and restaurant vendors that are proven to exceed the corporate benchmark.

We need to understand if 100% of deliveries will be on time, whether food is still fresh and tasty upon arrival, quantities are correct, dietaries are met; and we also need to make sure that prices are great too! We're able to exceed these expectations simply because we value our relationships with every single partner, and treat them as part of the family, and they treat us as part of theirs.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our team had visited some of our partners to catch up, and chat about their partnership with Hampr, and how COVID has affected their businesses.

We named this series 'In the Kitchen', where we take you on a virtual journey to the kitchens of our suppliers, that bring their amazing cullinary cuisines to your office. Watch the whole series below.

In the Kitchen with: Two Good Co

Two Good Co. is a Sydney based social enterprise supporting violence victims. Their 'buy-one, give-one' initiative is the very reason why Hampr chose to partner with them. Today the team has a fireside chat with Alex Nagle, Two Good Co's Head of Programs and Community Engagement.

In the Kitchen with: Pie Tin

Learn how Hampr helps local businesses become more profitable, and helps caterers and restaurants get more business through corporate catering. Featuring Hidde Van Erven Dorens

In the Kitchen with: Pen Catering

We catch up with Tass and his team at Pen Catering to learn about what makes them wake up every morning. We get an insight to their kitchen that brings their amazing food to your workplace!

In the Kitchen with: Fratelli & Co

This week, Hampr visits the brother duo Dan & Rob Galati at Fratelli & CO based in Concord, Sydney. We get them to tell us about their story, what corporate catering means to them and how they have been able to perservere through Covid19.

In the Kitchen with: Bel & Brio

This week Hampr visits Cesar, the Catering Manager at Bel & Brio, Barangaroo Sydney. We chat about Office catering, as well as what it means to partner with Hampr.

In the Kitchen with: Ipoh Town

Hampr takes it to Barangaroo in the heart of Sydney to check out one of their top Malaysian catering partners called Ipoh Town, owned by business owner Justin Ng.

In the Kitchen with: Thirsty Bird

Team Hampr rocks up to Thirsty Bird at 226 King Street to chat with Co-Owner and Entrepreneur Carlos Justo, who started Thirsty Bird from humble beginnings based off a side business venture. Carlos takes us through his journey to come up with the best Southern Fried Chicken in Sydney.

In the Kitchen with: Sugarbean Cafe

Hampr interviews one of their amazing food supplier - Sugar Bean Cafe. Con Pothas, the owner, takes us through some of the reasons why he started Sugarbean cafe, and how he is getting through these challenging times.

In the Kitchen with: Shorty's Liquor

Today the Hampr team visits one of their longest partners and Australia's largest corporate alcohol provider - Shorty's Liquor. We chat with Phoebe Gibson who is the Brand Ambassador and Client Relationship Manager as she takes us through their internal work culture and how they use innovation to build better customer experiences.

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