COVID19 - Food precautions & individually packaged meals

March 13 1 min read

Dear Customers,

As the coronavirus (COVID19) begins to create a larger impact within our industry, your overall safety and hygiene of your wider staff is paramount to us.

At Hampr, we have taken extra precautions through working with our partners to treat this threat seriously, by taking decisive steps to ensure and promote enhanced practices and procedures around operational health, safety and hygiene. We have recently vetted all of Hampr’s suppliers to identify which food suppliers meets this criteria. You can view the criteria HERE.

We have also put together some useful tips and tricks to promote better health and hygiene practices with the office – feel free to sharethesewith your team/colleagues.

At Hampr, we are confident that our food partners implement best practice measures, and we think it is important that we share this information with you to give confidence for you to continue order catering.

Furthermore, we would like to encourage all of our customers to consider temporarily shifting to individual meal selections as this will decrease the chances of food contamination and prevent the spread of bacteria in the workplace.

Hampr has designed and built an innovative and easy-to-use tool to manage individual boxed meals for staff and meetings which makes organising individual boxed meals nice and easy.

Our team is more than happy to provide the steps you need to take to shift to individual meal selections. Simply reach out to us directly on 1300 367 809, or alternatively you can reply to my email.

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