5 office pranks that (probably) won’t get you fired…

February 05 2 min read

We’ve been talking a lot about productivity and how to get the most out of your team over the last few weeks. However, we’ve missed one of the most important components of a fun, functional and relaxed work environment.

The Banter.

Here at Hampr we love a bit of office banter or a prank or two, in fact almost everyday we will ask our co-founder Riz how his arm’s got so big. He then proceeds to consciously roll down his sleeves and shake his head at us.

This week we have arranged our top office pranks that will hopefully improve employee relationships and not get you fired, (no guarantees).

1. The Birthday Cake

This one sure to embarrass your co-worker! Put a birthday cake in the kitchen or in the fridge of your office with your co-workers name on it. Watch as the whole day people will wish them happy birthday as they increasingly grow more confused. If your lucky people may even sing them happy birthday!

2. The Frozen Coffee

Tomorrow morning make yourself two coffees and freeze one of them overnight. When your co-worker is away from their desk quickly replace their coffee with the frozen one. We promise their reaction will be one to remember.

3. The keyboard

When your co-worker is away from their desk quickly rearrange the keys on their keyboard. You’ll find people normally don’t glance down when typing so they will be sure to send an illegible email. Don’t worry rearranging the keys are as easy as taking them off so you won’t have to buy them a new keyboard.

4. The Afternoon Salad

Prepare an assortion of salad and veggies in the conference room. Then proceed to tell all your co-workers that your cousin works for Krispy Kreme and he gave you 6 free boxes as an office treat. Warning: no one is going to offer you a morning coffee for months.

5. The Fake Update

We don’t recommend this one if your co-worker is in the middle of something important. When your target is away from their computer, quickly go onto it and go onto http://fakeupdate.net/ . From here select Windows or Apple and your co-worker will come back to an annoying full screen update. The catch? The update never ends.

These pranks may or may not be from personal experience, however we assure you they will create a laugh. Don’t blame us if you get a retaliation prank because from now…… you can never let down your guard.

Comment below what you’ve tried in your office or send us an email at social@hampr.com.au.

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