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Yoga Flowith Jo focuses on wellbeing! Meaning the whole body inside and out, not sections or isolated parts of us but us as a whole! This practice is a guide to placing those pieces back to wholeness. I've come from a background of the demanding corporate world and found Yoga to be the perfect balance to peace & calm and immediately qualified myself to share this with everyone I met. I understand the 'I have no time' but magically making time for Mindfulness or your own self care gives you back space and time. Ironically true, you'll see ! Mobile Yoga Services is tailored to you! Wherever you are at, I will meet you there! Virtual & in house, that be corporate office too! Offering Mobile Yoga Services from absolute beginners to advanced. From zero flexibility, the services will invite you to a deeper understanding of your body and self acceptance and move towards the direction where you'd rather be- The Best Version of ourselves ! Yes, we're in this together, more now than ever ! Just like every teacher, each practice will be different. The time we share will be a blend of Meditation, Yin Yoga (Think- opposite to Yang), Vinyasa Yoga (Power Yoga), Restorative Yoga (Chill and grounding practice). And a few times a year I'll be mixing in some juicy Yoga Retreats ! Need I say more? Let's do this ! Jo Follow me on social Yoga_Flowithjo


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