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Live Streaming

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30-60 minute shows



Team Building

What's Included

Magic Mike’s virtual Magic Show is highly interactive, engaging and educational - you’ll learn your very own magic trick to keep up your sleeve for life! 

You and the team are working from home and desperately need to get together online to socialise but trivia is getting a bit long in the tooth. Or perhaps your colleagues are looking to have a laugh and celebrate but you’re stuck in lockdown. 

How to Participate

Use Zoom or Google Meets to participate on your desktop or mobile device. After your booking is confirmed you will receive an email with a link and details on how to join.


  • 30 minute show- $600.00
  • 60 minute show - $1200.00

About the host

If you are looking for a ripped oiled up dancer, sorry wrong Magic Mike. And if you’re after a kid’s magician with a top hat and cape, sorry again - wrong magician. But if you’re after a fun approachable guy who will roam around and fill your friends and guests with raucous laughter and leave them questioning everything they ever thought to be true, keep scrolling

Michael Webb is unlike any close up roving magician you’ve seen. As a full-time magician with over 10 years experience, his charming personality and personable approach will cause your friends to think he’s one of your guests - a guest who just loves meeting people and performing close up magic right there in your hands

Michael’s fun approach will add immeasurable value to your event, and most importantly you’ll be forever known as ‘the cool person who organised that party with that crazy magic guy’ - and try find me someone who doesn’t want THAT title!  

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