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Time's Ticking Jr (Easy)

by Experios

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Online Escape Room

Team Challenge

From $18 per person


A real-time online escape room
Time's Ticking Jr is a fully self-guided and challenging online escape room. Very similar to Time's Ticking, but ideal for those aged 14 and above.

Solve the detective case
Melbourne Police Department has received a call from someone threatening to blow up a building. Only your team can save the city!

Real-time action
Time's Ticking Jr is a real-time game, which means any action one player makes is directly seen by others. So first discuss your next action with your team.

Reach the leaderboard
Is your team competitive? There's a built-in leaderboard in our online portal that shows the teams with the best results. Do you think your team has what it takes?

- Play with staff in the office or across the globe. (Play any time that's convenient for you)
- Suitable for any team size, small business or large corporate
- Includes a host to ensure an awesome experience
- A guaranteed way to have some fun and get the team challenged
- No experience required

Difficulty: 2/5
Time: 60 minutes


15 - 30 people, $25 per person
31-50 people, $23 per person
51-100 people, $20 per person
101 - 500 people, $18 per person
501+ people, On request

How it works

1. Place an enquiry via the form provided
2. Confirm number of attendees and simply purchase your unique game code (No expiry date)
3. After purchasing you'll receive an email with instructions
4. Form a team
5. Have fun! 

What You'll Need

- Computer (phone not supported)
- Video call with your team mates, eg. Zoom, Slack, Microsoft teams
- Pen & Paperpapr

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