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6-Pack Donut Gift Box

by Duo Duo Ice Cream

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Sydney-Wide Delivery

Freshly Made to Order

48 Hours Notice

$32 per box


Customise your box with astisan-made fresh doughnuts made by DuoDuo. 

How to Order

Select 6 from following 9 flavours:

Biscoff Cheesecake (Biscoff cheesecake cream filled donut)
Choc Macadamia & Sea Salt (Chocolate glaze, caramalised macadamias, sea salt)
Cinnamon (Cinnamon sugar rub)
Creme Bulee (Custord filled donut with bulee top)
Matcha Yuzu (Matcha & Yuzu glaze)
OG Glaze (Original Glazed Donut)
Pandan Coconut Kaya (Kaya jam filled donut topped with pandan coconut glaze & roasted coconut flakes)
Passionfruit (100% passionfruit pulp glaze)
Thai Milk Tea (Thai milk tea glaze, roasted cornflake crumb)


$32 per box

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