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Chief Starter Pack

by Chief Nutrition

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Australia-wide Delivery


Virtual Workout Included

$23.30 per box


Our starter pack contains sweet and savoury options the whole family can enjoy, including one of each all flavours of our sweet-tasting collagen bars and of our beef range.

When you're time poor you make poor choices. If you had time to read all the small print on that ‘healthy’ snack you probably wouldn’t feel too good about it. At Chief, we deeply care about what we put in and what you get out of it. We’re totally uncompromising on health, sustainability and keeping the crap out. 

Nothing Fake.
No artificial thickeners, fillers, emulsifiers, preservatives, sweeteners or sugar alcohols.

Low Sugar.
We've ditched the dates and too much dried fruit to keep carbs and sugar at healthy levels.

Gluten Free.
And free from dairy, soy and vegetable oils to avoid inflammation and promote gut health.

What's Included

1 x Collagen Bar Cashew Shortbread
1 x Collagen Bar Hazelnut Brownie
1 x Collagen Bar Lemon Tart
1 x Collagen Bar Peanut Butter
1 x Beef and Chilli Bar
1 x Traditional Beef Bar
1 x Beef and Chilli Biltong
1 x Traditional Beef Biltong

This pack also includes a WFH workout video by trainer Libby from the Biggest Looser and Co Founder of Collagen Cookies
Duration: 15 minutes
Music style: Pop and pop remixes
Intensity: Low impact and moderate intensity, but a serious full body burn!
Trainer: Libby Babet

This package includes home delivery


$23.30 inc. GST per box + Delivery

How to Order

Step 1: Submit a quote using the form on this page. 

Step 2: Confirm recipient names, delivery addresses and total costs

Step 3: Care packages are delivered to your teams - Enjoy!     

Things to Know

Cancellation Policy
Any orders can be cancelled and fully refunded within 24 hours of purchase, or at least 7 days before the date of the delivery.

Updating Your Order
You can make changes, increase or decrease the number of care packages being delivered up to 48 hours before the delivery date. 

Upon Delivery
All care packages are labelled with recipients names and addresses. Please be mindful that packages may arrive at the recipients on different days depending on their location.     

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